Sweep Picking: Steam Powered by Metal Guitar Academy

Sweep Picking: Steam Powered

This book is a road map to devastating sweep picking speed and accuracy!

Sweep Picking: Steam Powered is focused on building your technique - period. With over 400 detailed examples, including advanced right and left hand combinations and patterns, Sweep Picking is all TAB (no music reading required), and is organized clearly and efficiently for maximum results.

You’ll build your sweep technique step-by-step, starting first with two-string sweeps, then moving into three-string, four, five, and six-string sweeps. In addition, all of the examples are further organized according to rhythmic feel - with variations on each pattern according to whether you’re playing a three, four, or five-note grouping.

These 400+ examples are designed to be connected - in other words, you’ll be mastering the sweep picking technique across the entire neck (not just the handful of stock, boring sweep patterns that most other technique books settle for).

This is real-world, practical sweep picking instruction, with an attention to detail that you just will not find anywhere else.

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Sweep Picking: Steam Powered
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