What You'll Learn

  • Major Scale and Minor Pentatonic: two different scales (or are they)?
  • Scale families
  • Superimposing the Pentatonic and Major finger patterns
  • All five Minor Pentatonic forms and their Major Scale counterparts
  • Combining the two scales for cooler & more unique phrasing when soloing
  • Simple trick for quickly identifying relative Major and Minor scales
  • Combine 3-note-per-string with 2-note-per-string licks

Theory of Relativity

Sometimes it can seem like just using one scale effectively when soloing can be hard enough. But two scales at once? C'mon - that's crazy talk!

In fact, it's easier than you might think - when you've got the right strategy, that is.

Combining the Minor Pentatonic and Major Scale can add a lot of interest to your soloing, and make you stand out from the pack. Learn how to do it with this lesson.

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