What You'll Learn

Session 1:

  • Why comprehension is better than memorization 
  • “Extensions” definition 
  • Where 9, 11, 13 come from
  • What a “big number” means in a chord symbol
  • What a Maj9 chord is
  • What a 9 chord is
  • Cumulative extensions in chord symbols
  • What “add” means in a chord symbol
  • Why “add” chords are great for learning the extensions
  • The quick way to figure out the 9, 11, and 13 notes

Session 2:

  • add9, add11, add13 (or 6) chords
  • Variations on the extensions (#9, b9, #11, b13)
  • Why the variations are often non-diatonic
  • Recap of Roman Numerals 
  • Adding extensions to triads
  • Diatonic triad exercise for 9ths
  • Diatonic triad exercise for 11ths
  • Diatonic triad exercise for 13ths

Session 3:

  • Adding the altered extensions (#11, b9, etc.) to triads
  • Deciphering the chord symbols
  • Deciding which notes to include (and not include) in a big chord
  • #5 chords

Chord Craft Crash Course

Understanding how chords are constructed, how to find them anywhere on the Guitar neck, and having the confidence to use them, is something that most Guitarists only dream of. It can seem like an impossible task: what do all those chord symbols mean, let alone how do Guitarists actually use them to write songs? In this extensive 4-part course, you’ll make the impossible, possible. And, you’ll find out that the who...

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