What You'll Learn

Session 1:

  • Brief summary of Part 1
  • The big question: How do Guitarists know what to play over chords and songs, so that it sounds right?
  • Building a scale 
  • Finding 3rds within a scale
  • How a scale will generate different chords
  • Using Roman Numerals to quickly identify chords
  • The “grab bag” of chords, and why they sound good together in songs
  • What a Key is in music

Session 2:

  • Putting together a good sounding chord progression for a song
  • Which order of chords works best in a progression
  • The shortcut for finding chords in any key
  • How to transpose a song from one key to another (and why it’s super practical)
  • Finding the chords in Minor keys
  • Putting together chord progressions in Minor keys 
  • Movable & memorizable Major, Minor, and Diminished triads on the first set of strings

Session 3:

  • Movable & memorizable Major, Minor, and Diminished triads on the second set of strings
  • Best way to practice the triad shapes at first
  • Why practicing triads is so beneficial to your neck knowledge 
  • Using the diatonic concept as a tool for practicing triad shapes all across the neck
  • Beyond memorization: jamming with triads
  • Using the triad shapes in a lead guitar style
  • Selecting a jam track to solo over
  • Combining triads for soloing

Chord Craft Crash Course

Understanding how chords are constructed, how to find them anywhere on the Guitar neck, and having the confidence to use them, is something that most Guitarists only dream of. It can seem like an impossible task: what do all those chord symbols mean, let alone how do Guitarists actually use them to write songs? In this extensive 4-part course, you’ll make the impossible, possible. And, you’ll find out that the who...

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