What You'll Learn

Session 1:

  • Why knowing about chords isn’t just about strumming
  • The importance of building chords “from scratch” first (not relating them to scales)
  • A practical definition of a chord
  • Why a Power Chord isn’t really a chord
  • Identifying intervals
  • The important intervals for building chords
  • Easy formula for finding those intervals on the Guitar neck, on any string

Session 2:

  • “Stacking” 3rds, to create a triad
  • The formula for Major triads
  • How the classic “open” chord shapes work
  • Breaking out of those “run of the mill” chord shapes that everyone else uses
  • How bands with two Guitars create complementary parts
  • The formula for Minor triads
  • The formulas for Diminished & Augmented triads
  • Finding the notes for any type of triad, on one string

Session 3:

  • How to practice building triads
  • Creating your own, interesting chord shapes
  • Why it’s best to focus on Major, Minor, and Diminished triads
  • Metal applications for riffs

Chord Craft Crash Course

Understanding how chords are constructed, how to find them anywhere on the Guitar neck, and having the confidence to use them, is something that most Guitarists only dream of. It can seem like an impossible task: what do all those chord symbols mean, let alone how do Guitarists actually use them to write songs? In this extensive 4-part course, you’ll make the impossible, possible. And, you’ll find out that the who...

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