What You'll Learn

  • The knee-jerk reaction to soloing over Blues
  • Why just using the “expected” Minor Pentatonic scale isn’t the best choice
  • Chord / Scale relationship between Minor Pentatonic and Dominant 7 chords 
  • What causes “bad” or “wrong” sounding notes?
  • Avoiding the bad sounding notes when playing over the I chord
  • Relative Major/Minor concept
  • Where the Major Pentatonic scale comes from
  • Why it’s better to always think Minor Pentatonic vs. Major Pentatonic
  • Great trick for finding Relative Major/Minor relationship quickly
  • The best scale choice for soloing over the I chord

Blues Guitar Bombardment

If you’re planning on jamming with people - ever - then you need to be proficient at Blues. Not only is it a staple of jam sessions the World over, but it’s a lot of fun too!

Here’s the problem though: way too many Guitarists know just enough to get by when jamming on Blues - and that makes for some pretty boring playing (and bored listeners).

With Blues Guitar Bombardment, you’ll zero in on the Major Blues (the most prevalent type), and learn not only what makes the Blues tick, but also how you can sound way better than most other Guitarists at those jams. In other words…

You’ll be the one who sounds like you really know what you’re doing!

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