No Wimps Allowed...
Beginner Guitar

Beginner Guitar: No Wimps!

The beginning stage is where great instruction is most vital - and you deserve a book that finally takes beginners seriously. Welcome to your new adventure.

Total Novice? Get Totally Confident.

In No Wimps!, I’ve distilled over 15 years of experience teaching players of all ages, styles, and ability levels. If you’re a newbie on the guitar, there are a special set of problems and hurdles that you face. For you, No Wimps! is like the Golden Ticket in the Wonka Bar - you’ll have work to do, it won’t be easy, but if you follow where it leads, then you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime!

No Wimps! is organized into 21 Sessions. Each is carefully designed to give you exactly what you need, in exactly the right order. You’ll take as long as you like to master each Session - it’s the results that matter, not the time table. Each Session is further organized into two areas: Physical and Mental. It’s this distinction, and the cumulative skill-building that results, that makes No Wimps! such a powerful and effective book. Here are just some of the topics and skills you’ll dive into, right away:


+ Holding and using the pick - the right way, for maximum speed and power
+ Details of left-hand placement, for the most efficient movement
+ The most useful chords for playing songs right away - and how to master them anywhere on the neck
+ Secrets of clean, crisp, and chunky Power Chords - a staple of Rock & Metal
+ Fundamentals of awesome soloing, like legato, alternate picking, tremolo, bending, sequencing, and phrasing


+ How to understand, build, and use chords anywhere
+ Fundamentals of reading rhythm, and how to mix rhythm with TAB
+ Master the notes on the guitar neck, like a real musician
+ Understand how scales relate to chords, and how guitarists use them to write great riffs, songs, and solos
+ How to take what most guitarists only think of as “patterns”, and actually make music with them - confidently, and all over the neck

All that - and a lot, lot more! Beginner Guitar: No Wimps! is as detailed and comprehensive as it gets, while remaining clearly written and easy to understand throughout. There are tons of playing examples, exercises, and photos too!

Speeding Bullets

  • Over 120 pages
  • Made for total beginners
  • Lead guitar techniques
  • Chords & rhythm playing
  • Super comprehensive
  • Easy to understand