Beginner Guitar Bootcamp! by Metal Guitar Academy

Beginner Guitar Bootcamp!

In this killer 90-minute Beginner Bootcamp video, you'll learn:

  • Heading off bad hand habits
  • Advantages of different ways to sit
  • Holding the pick the right way
  • How to eliminate string noise
  • Power chord strategies
  • Understand scales and how they’re used
  • Effective speed-building exercises
  • Techniques to practice chord changes
  • How riffs are created
  • How to start jamming & improvising
  • Important ingredients for awesome solos

And more! Absorb the info from this video, and save yourself months (if not years!) of frustration. Seriously.
"Wow! Very comprehensive and to the point. From how to hold the pick, to scales and riffs, in <90 minutes! I already play the acoustic guitar for years, but still found insight in the later part of the video. I would highly recommend this to any beginner. You are obviously an excellent teacher as well."
Kirk W.

What's included?

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Beginner Guitar Bootcamp!
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Beginner Bootcamp Notes
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The Ritual | MP3 Audio
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