The Right Place... the right time. That’s where you find yourself right now, if you’re a Beginning Guitar Player.

Why The Right Info Is So Important

The very Beginning stage of learning Guitar is by far the most important. It takes a watchful eye for detail, an understanding of the many pitfalls that Beginners face, and a clear understanding of the big picture (i.e. what to focus on), in order to make the most of this initial learning window.

Unfortunately, most instructors, books, and courses don’t take Beginners seriously. That’s not the case here. Welcome to Metal Guitar Academy. You simply will not find anything quite like this, anywhere else.

Who's Your Instructor?

Find out in this short intro vid!

Beginner Guitar Bootcamp!

The ultimate 90-minute crash course for Beginners.
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Beginner Guitar: No Wimps!

From total novice, to totally confident, in 21 Sessions.
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Learn the Notes on Guitar

Finally master knowing all note names and locations on the Guitar neck.
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The Chord Book: Movable Shapes for Guitar

Packed with chords, simple to look up, and designed for effective memorization.
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Rhythm Guitar: Beginner Bootcamp

Become a confident Rhythm Guitar player with this no-nonsense, 30-day course.
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Metal Guitar Practice Strategies

You might know what to practice, but it’s how you practice that’s been holding you back.
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Chord Craft Crash Course

Go from completely chord-clueless, to understanding what chords like Am9(b13) mean.
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Sweep Picking: Steam Powered

Over 60 pages and 400+ examples, with detailed explanation, fingerings, and pick directions.
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Bore No More: Better Phrasing for Guitar Solos

Do your solos sound boring? Learn to make it sound like music when jamming with scales.
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The "Stretch / Ring / Middle" Method

Become more fluid when moving up and down the neck, between scale fingerings.
View course $14

Pinch Harmonics

Master the technique of producing powerful-sounding Pinch Harmonics, on demand.
View course $14

Theory of Relativity

A strategy for combining Minor Pentatonic and the Major Scale in your solos.
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Sussing It Out

Learn all about the Sus Chord, and how to make it heavy.
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Blues Guitar Bombardment

Be the one at the Blues jam who actually sounds good.
View course $49

What Students Say

"In addition to being an amazing and talented guitar player, Brett is also an excellent teacher. I have a background in music after playing another instrument for many years. However, I learned so much more with Brett, especially with regards to music theory."
Bill P.
"Brett has undoubtedly helped me bring my guitar playing and knowledge of music to a new level."
Michael N.
"Had no clue what I was doing and no musical talent whatsoever. I can now play songs that I have always wanted to as well as playing over backtracks. Could not think of anyone else I rather take lessons from. My wife says it actually sounds like music. Thanks for everything Brett."
Fred E.
"Brett is an awesome teacher."
Kevin M.
"The amount of progress I have made as a guitarist and musician in general is astounding. Brett is a great role model for me as a musician. I came to him looking to develop and hone my skills on electric and acoustic guitar. He's highly knowledgeable and proficient in nearly every style of playing that you can think of (such as jazz, rock, metal, classical, blues, etc.) and he will provide you with a strong foundation to play anything your heart desires."
Nicholas S.